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The 8½th Wonder of the World

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Fan of all things natural history. And kaiju.

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action figures, adhd, africa, alan lee, alien, animals, animation, animorphs, apes, aquariums, avatar the last airbender, bbc, blackadder, buffy, calvin and hobbes, carrie vaughn, cgi, cinema, comics, computer animation, conservation, crossovers, david attenborough, david tennant, dinosaurs, disney, doctor who, dragons, drawing, dvd commentaries, elisabeth sladen, environmental education, fandom_wank, fanfiction, film, film scores, filmmaking, firefly, freema agyeman, gargoyles, gary larson, gilbert & sullivan, godzilla, gorillas, guillermo del toro, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hellboy, his dark materials, indiana jones, jack sparrow, jane goodall, joe hisaishi, john howe, john williams, jrr tolkien, jurassic park, kaiju, kate atkinson, king kong, kitty norville, kiwis, koko the gorilla, mary tamm, middle-earth, moas, mocking, monsters, monty python, movies, mst3k, my neighbor totoro, natural history, nausicaa, neil gaiman, new zealand, pacific rim, paleoart, paleontology, peter jackson, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, prehistoric life, prehistory, primeval, princess mononoke, ray harryhausen, rudyard kipling, sarah jane adventures, sci-fantasy, sci-fi, screenwriting, sharks, snark, soundtracks, spaced, special effects, star wars, steven spielberg, stop-motion animation, studio ghibli, terryl whitlatch, the doctor, the far side, the goddamn batman, the hobbit, the incredible hulk, the jungle book, the legend of korra, the lion king, the lord of the rings, tom baker, tom lehrer, torchwood, tv tropes, visual effects, walking with dinosaurs, werewolves, weta, weta digital, weta workshop, wildlife conservation, wolves, writing, xkcd, zoos
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